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Motor car fuels

You always tank high-quality doped fuels at all KOLOC gas stations. You can try some lead-free gasoline types with various octane levels. Natural 95 and Natural 95 Premium are our bestselling fuels.
As motorists are highly interested in Diesel engine cars, we naturally provide them with appropriate high-quality Diesel fuels. Diesel fuel and Diesel plus premium doped fuel are the leaders in the group of Diesel oils.

Natural 95

The most used top-quality car gasoline with the octane number 95 (Also known in the CR as Natural 95) corresponding to the CSN EN 228 standard requirements, is fully doped. Its use results in a long-term clean engine, lower fuel consumption, and favourable exhaust gases emissions. Combusting this type of gasoline in the engine also ensures a long service life of the catalytic convertor in the exhaust manifold, which then easily clears hazardous components in exhaust gases. Thanks to the favourable composition of this gasoline, its toxicity is considerably reduced. By adding the dope for protecting valve seats.

Natural 95 Premium

In developing this new 95-octane gasoline, a new formulation of doping has been used with application of the most up-to-date types of lubricant additives and detergents with guaranteeing anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion effects. This motor vehicle gasoline meets the high requirements of our customers for quality and driving pleasure. Natural 95 Premium is available at all KOLOC gas stations.

Diesel fuel

Only first-class Diesel guarantees that the engine's service life shall be really sufficient. Thanks to the optimal composition of several base components, Diesel oil offers top-notch quality that can be evaluated with simple criteria: Density (influencing the consumption), cetane index (the factor of the fuel action in the engine), and lubricity (protection of the injection pump against wear and tear and seizure).

Diesel plus

Diesel engines really love when you offer them the new Diesel plus fuel. Presently, you can tank this premium diesel at the KOLOC Líšnice gas station.
The Diesel plus is particularly recommended for cars equipped with up-to-date Diesel engines using the "pump-jet" technology - "common-rail". This technology enhances the engine's efficiency, facilitates its starting, reduces friction losses, runs the engine at its maximum load, and the engine's operation is more economical. It also reduces the carbon monoxide emissions and the engine's noise level. The higher lubricity of Diesel plus significantly improves the protection of the injection pump and jets. Diesel plus shows better low-temperature properties in extreme freezing with filterability down to -28 degrees Celsius.

Natural 91 gasoline

Lead-free gasoline with the octane number 91 for engines with lower compression ratios. By adding the additive against wear and tear of valve seats, it can be doped to the gasoline suitable for use in older car engines with unhardened valve seats. As the standard, this gasoline is doped so that it keeps the fuel distribution manifold and the engine clean. This significantly extends the engine's service life, reduces the fuel consumption, and improves the combustion quality with respect to the contents of harmful substances in exhaust gases. With its quality parameters, this gasoline fully meets the requirements of the CSN EN 228 standard.