High-quality fuel
first-class refreshment
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Fast refreshment and shopping offer

Rest time - Time for relaxation and enjoyment

Fancy a short break? Simply visit some of our shops! As we offer the best possible quality for everything and a very good price/service ratio, our customers have the optimum choice.
We offer a clearly structured offer of goods with products from the regional assortment and healthy alternatives.
First-class fresh groceries, food and drinks are awaiting you.
You can treat yourself with your choice of several kinds of hot drinks and a wide selection of sandwiches and filled baguettes.

Motor car fuels

You always tank high-quality doped fuels at all KOLOC gas stations. You can try some lead-free gasoline types with various octane levels. Natural 95 and Natural 95 Premium are our bestselling fuels.
As motorists are highly interested in Diesel engine cars, we naturally provide them with appropriate high-quality Diesel fuels. Diesel fuel and Diesel plus premium doped fuel are the leaders in the group of Diesel oils.

Carwash and service

Thorough car service and friendliness to the environment
Is anything nicer for a driver than a shiny clean car? Cleanliness for both your car and the environment. At the KOLOC Varnsdorf gas station, the portal carwash line equipped with state-of-the-art carwash technology and using highly efficient and biodegradable cleaning agents, awaits you.

Manual pressure washing

Spoil your car. Very gentle detailing using top-notch washing technologies enables the removal of even heavy fouling.

Bonus program

Join the bonus program and have your car washed for just CZK 10.

Self-service vacuum cleaner

At KOLOC gas stations, you not only wash your car's dirty body but also clean your car inside.


You can inflate your car's tyres simply and quickly at any time.